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Are you ready to solve the puzzle? (Hint Added)

Posted by Doom-Fox - October 27th, 2008

Hint: The code has two things when it comes to it's meaning so you can say the code is divided into two.

Hint2: Mess around with the characters, there is more than one way to find out.

Well it's been a long time since I've submitted a flash movie to newgrounds due to some concerns here and there but I've finally found some time to work.

I have done little works everyonce in a while but I think it's time to start into a more serious approach, over these past few months I've noticed a lot of quality work submitted on Newgrounds and I thought I might as well go for it too, some of you might remember my older projects back in 2005 and I've received a lot of requests and I'll be honest I kind of miss working as I used to and hopefully I'll be able to get into quality work from now on.

Meanwhile to everyone of you specially those who have followed my work, here's a small puzzle I want you to solve. If you manage to solve it before the end of Halloween you might get something. ;)

Check the image included in the message or the following link. Have fun!

Are you ready to solve it?


Is the link intentionally broken? because I don't know a website called ///

A few problems with photobucket's auto-copy feature but it has been fixed.

Come back to VGDC.

that's really hard! and the binary code doesn't mean anything

hi doom fox... =D
i think i have an idea of what it could be... is upside down?
if it is.. i think i read it on your msn personal comment... XD

I'll just state that it's not only of just finding a way of position but there are several other things to take into consideration, and after you finally find out what it reads you need to find out what that means. =D

I might post a hint on the last day.

how long is it?

DI308 3SX II?

Is it your network driver or something? =P DI308 is a network driver...I think =\
Other than that...I have no idea, unless its your post code or something

Maybe a little hint? =]

I'll post a hint on the last day, all I can state right now it's that there are various factors to take into consideration and then the code has a meaning behind that. =D

You sit on a throne of lies.

Two ups half of five half price bookstore.

Bah! I've been thinking about this for hours =P Nothing i've tried makes sense...do you need to substitute the numbers for letters, or am I completely on the wrong track with this 'DI308' thing?

I can just say that you're close. :D

Okay...I give up =P
I will give an answer though, its a combination of guess work, hopeful thinking, and the fact that your post is about you getting back into flash...its still most likely wrong though

Is it Sonic Xtreme 2? *crosses fingers*

Since this little silly contest is over, yes. It's the second part XD


sonic 2?